Stop Writing About Your Business
Start Using Informational Posts

Most small and medium sized businesses fall into a bad habit on their Fan Pages. They talk about their business and make sales pitches in almost every post they make. The problem is, their fans don’t care. Here’s what you do to avoid making this mistake.

Once you get used to doing informational posts, you’ll become much more interesting to your fans, and that’s good for your business.

In the above video, I use a resource page. I offer these pages to my client companies. If you’re interested, give me a call.

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Use A Series Of Posts
To Tell A Story

Do you have difficulty getting readers engaged with your Fan Page? Then think about this method.

I hate when I seek inspiration, and nothing comes. It just sucks.

But here’s good news. The above video tells you exactly how to make a series of posts so they tell an exciting story.

Just follow the method and you’ll have an easy way of posting that gets your audience involved.

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Here’s How To Make Money With Facebook

Facebook is an interactive network. It’s not like a website where you post information and others read it.

On Facebook when you post others can interact with whatever you post, whether it’s pictures, information, videos or questions. Watch Video

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Facebook Grows Your Community
Faster Than A Website

The most significant thing that can happen for your business, is that people in your local area get to know you.

So when poeple talk about how “viral” Facebook is, they don’t mean your business grows all over the globe or even all over the country. They mean you can spread things quickly.

What you want is people in your immediate vicinity talking favorably about your business and sending their friends to you.

Here’s how Facebook causes that to happen. Watch Video.